Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology (Sports Injury)

Personal Training Certification from ISSA

About Coach

Played soccer competitively for 12 years, played for Olympic Development teams, and had 2 knee surgeries in high school, now I love to hike, wakeboard, and challenge myself with my kids.

Turning Point

I was always athletic until I got married and had a dreadful marriage that made me start to think less of myself. When I was at my lowest and letting my husband control every aspect of my life, I found out he was cheating on me. So I left him with no job, no money, and suffering from extreme depression. I was smiling on the outside but falling apart on the inside. I hated the way I looked, I had days where I didn't eat anything from the stress of bills, how was I going to pay my lawyer, and keep food in the house for my son. When I finally got enough courage to leave, I was so scared of my next move. Through the end of my divorce, I was eating whatever was in the house and could eat because I didn't want to ask him for money for groceries. I found a little fitness group that I would go to with my son and my nieces. Little by little this gave me my confidence back. I started to focus on my disordered eating because now I was in control of what groceries were in the house. Fitness SAVED my life, not only physically but also mentally. I started to feel like myself again. It was hard and a long journey, but I picked myself up every day and pushed forward to be a better ME. <br /> A few years later I had the opportunity to start a gym for Women. Now I spend my life building strong and confidence up to be their BEST selves. It is by far the most rewarding job I have ever had and I hope that I can change other Women's lives through fitness.

Motivation & Passion

Weightlifting saved my life and I want to share this with other women. Give them the confidence it has given me.

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